Jennifer M.
Dr.Sheppard and his staff are truly Amazing! I have have so much gratitude and trust in him! He has taken care of my family and I for over 13 years. The first time I saw him I was in so much pain I could barely walk, and thought I’d be disabled for the rest of my life. I was told by other doctors I’d need a 3rd surgery. Thankfully my mom took me to see Dr. Sheppard and he said with his treatment I’d be 90% pain-free and in 2 weeks I was 100% better! He was true to his word thank you Dr. Sheppard for giving my life back.

Laura H.
Dr. Bill Sheppard, DC, and his team at United Chiropractic and Medical in Katy, use the advanced DRX9000 spinal decompression system to ease bulging and herniated discs back into place without damaging your spine! Dr. Sheppard , Erica and the rest of his staff are very professional,compassionate and amazing customer services. They will go out of there way to get the diagnostic testing done, help with any DME if needed and making his patients feel better ! I went in with a 9 pain level 10 being the worst and came out with 3 pain level! I was so Relieved and happy I could walk to my vehicle at that point!No long waits. I was in and out! They are the real deal!

Ron N.
Having had a bad experience with a previous chiropractor, I was reluctant to rush and get an alignment after throwing out my back. I felt the pain for several weeks before I couldn’t stand it anymore. My wife told me she found the best chiropractor, so I scheduled an appointment. I was able to be seen the next day, which was great considering by now my pain level was debilitating with every movement I made. Dr. Sheppard saw me, and his discovery process showed he cared and wanted to be accurate with his diagnosis (X-rays included). After a very detailed explanation of what was wrong, he started to work on my back. Fifteen minutes later, I could stand fully upright, and the pain and pressure was relieved from a solid 10 to a 5 of relief. I went back three times that week, and the pain disappeared. Now I’m just going for follow-ups and able to get back to my everyday life. Dr. Sheppard is the best. Guys, always listen to your wife. 😉

Zuleyka B’Raw F.
I have seen a huge improvement in my mobility and tasks that I can do. I’ve been going for about a year or so for adjustments. I always thank God for doctor Sheppard. And I always recommend him because I have had nothing but good experiences with him and staff. And because he is skilled at what he does with many many years of experience/knowledge.

Angie C.
I love Dr Sheppard and his staff I have been going to Dr Sheppard since 2018 when and if I need him . I walk in feeling terrible with pain and always have gotten better after a few sessions with the help of Dr Sheppard and his medical staff! They are very warm and caring and they really take care of you like your family and can’t say enough about how it’s all about how much they just want you to feel better. I would recommend Dr Sheppard and his medical staff to anyone that is having any kind of pain. I had pain in and around my shoulder and spine it was severe but after I saw him and his medical staff they helped me in a matter of few office visits to feel so much better. The front office is so warm and they always make you feel like you matter!! I love these guys and know you will too.

Sandy R.
Amazing and attentive service.It feels like visiting family. I highly recommend.

Sharon 1.
Dr. Sheppard is very Knowledgeable, compassionate and kind. He truly listens to you and thoroughly explains your condition and the plan of care. His staff was very helpful throughout the process. I would highly recommend him.

Marc Z.
Went to check out Dr. Sheppard because i was looking for a new provider and I was not disappointed. From the office staff, to his wife, they were all very professional and very nice people. To me the vibe you get at any of your medical providers office should give you the feeling of being welcomed and be very genuine and I got that on my visit today. Dr. Sheppard was very cool, down to earth, and wanted the best for my medical situation and if anyone is looking for a new Chiro in the area I would highly suggest their office and take a look for yourself.

Keisha T.
My daughter and I were in a car accident and have been going to them for therapy. This has been great.

Teresa H.
In times of need and kindness when you think no one is looking guess again. Today I woke up feeling down but sure enough the world has a way of telling you to think again. While I waited for 9am in the parking lot while it was raining a homeless person was sleeping on the cool concrete floor without blankets and no shoes. But before I could do anything this Child of God came over and got breakfast for this person. I want to say Thank you for having a heart and putting the effort of helping others inside and outside of your job @ this Clinic. I was able to take a picture from my car.

Brandon T.
Great Experience. Friendly staff who was knowledgeable about my back. I had positive results and would recommend them to all.

Kayleigh L.
Went to see a chiropractor for what I thought was a pinched nerve that had me in excruciating pain. Dr. Sheppard is a miracle worker! By the time I left my pain went from a 9/10 to a 1!! Definitely going back!!!

Valerie C.
After my car accident I was looking for a chiropractor who could take of me while being 8 months pregnant. Dr. Shepherd and his staff were extremely helpful. From the scheduling to my physical therapy with Chris, my whole experience has been pleasant. They are very thorough and I truly appreciate their attention.

Phillip S.
Updated 12/23/2019: I been on the DRX 9000 and the cervical machine for three weeks now (14 visits), and my back stability has improved significantly. My pain has drastically subsided, and hopefully will be gone after 20 visits. Dr.Sheppard has amazing adjustments as well, and many tools at hand to help with back and joint issues and rehab. Dr.Marshall is very knowledgeable and resourceful at rehabilitation. The flexibility with my hip and both SI joints have improved with the exercises Dr.Marshall recommended me. All around five stars!

Jeff B.
Dr. Sheppard is Great, honest and has a professional staff! Glad I discovered this place !! Helping my pain I’ve had for quite some years go away !

Jodi J.
I could barely walk yesterday before my appointment. Scared my back was a goner. Hobbled in to Dr. Sheppard’s for first appointment with him – came out without my cane. I have hope and feeling much better! Thank you Doc and thank you to your sweet staff!

Lily P.
I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Sheppard and his staff. Everyone is personable, friendly, and professional. I was seeing another Chiro for my chronic migraines, but to no avail. Not only has Dr. Sheppard helped to eliminate my migraines after one visit, but his services are much more affordable as well. No more daily headache medicine or missing work from extreme head and back pain. This man has the magic touch with a sense of humor to match!! Definitely coming back.

Marisa F.
Dr Sheppard and his great team always super available to help people. Very recommended!

Richard J.
Best place ever walk out pain free every time and staff is super friendly

Meaghan R.
Dr Sheppard and His Staff are truly amazing. They are friendly and very knowledgeable.I feel so much better after getting weekly treatments. I will forever be a patient there.

Alan M.
Dr. Shepherd is awesome. Very friendly and knowledgeable. Staff is great as well

A B.
I absolutely Love this place!!! Staff super friendly, hour long massages are to die for. They make you feel welcomed and at home. Would definitely recommend their business. Great job guys!

Jennifer M.
Love it what a wonderful staff …. they make sure you feel welcome nd confortable

Suz M.
I have been going to United Chiropractic for about two years now. They were recommended by a co-worker. After having an MRI done which revealed a herniated disk, I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Sheppard. He recommended a treatment plan that eased the severe low back pain I had been suffering from. I now go about every three weeks or so for maintenance and have managed to avoid a full blown reoccurrence. Dr. Sheppard and his staff are a true pleasure to deal with and I look forward to seeing them at each visit. I have also recommended this practice to others.

Kathleen M.
I am a patient of Dr. Shepard.I have been diagnosed with a series of ailments from fibromyalgia/CFS to MS and other things. I had seen Dr. Shepard in 2012 with much success. Unfortunately, I took how much better I felt while under his care for granted. Life got crazy busy and once again I put myself last and physically spiraled down hill with massive migraines and trips to the ER. I have been in so much pain recently that I’ve had to call into work sick cause I couldn’t bare the thought of getting out of bed another day of pushing myself until I was completely spent physically and mentally because of the pain. My husband, whom suffers with me, made the phone call because he remembered how well I was while under Dr. Shepard’s care. I’ve recently been to Dr. Shepard twice in the past week. I haven’t had to use my prescribed pain pills to control pain. I feel totally amazing!! I walked out of his office without pain that I had been so used to. I had just accepted that this was my plight and I’d just have to deal with it. My paradigm has changed drastically and now that I feel so much better I seriously want to take the world by storm. I am eternally grateful for the healing that Dr. Shepard has fostered. I am a work in progress but I know that with the healing support from Dr. Shepard and his staff by God’s grace I hope to regain mobility enough to start exercising again and start to really enjoy my increased mobility.

Graciella G.
Very friendly and caring staff!

Laura H.
Dr. Sheppard, Erica and the rest of his staff are very professional, compassionate,amazing customer services and knowledgeable,his staff is well educated on different treatments that are offered for his patients. Dr. Sheppard and his staff will go above and beyond to get any diagnostic testing order to get down to the root cause of your pain,they also help with any DME if needed and getting the appropriate treatment plan in place for his patients ! I went in with excruciating pain! My pain level was at a 9!(10 being the worst)! Left his office with a 3 pain level! I was so Relieved and happy, I could walk to my vehicle at that point with hardly any pain! I got home and I was pain free! Dr.Sheppard and his staff had me in and out of there office with hardly any wait time!They are amazing and the REAL DEAL! I would Recommend Dr. Sheppard to anyone Who is suffering with any type pain!